Clean tub check

A.  Bus tubs being used under the tables are all clean

B. All the bottles, utensils are clean and free of debris

Proper quantities

  1. 1 full paper tower roll in tub
  2. 1 full box of gloves
  3. At least 10 ph. strips
  4. First aid kit in dry storage stocked
  5. At least 3 clean clothes in bus tub
  6. At least 1 working digital thermometer


A. Everyone temp check and signed in

B. All Lights onC. All hood fans(s) on, especially of deep fryer is on. Wherever a stove is at a hood should be on.

Operational tasks

  1. Constant time stamping for food on holding in Cambros
  2. Clean off your workspace
  3. Label hot holding boxes according to order
  4. Label tables for prepared individual food orders
  5. Lay out today’s orders according to times leaving and/or pick-up times
  6. Assign team member’s individual tasks
  7. Log into delivery partner app to verify pickup times & any problems to be solved
  8. Set timer(s) for crunch time for all orders

Remove any personal items from all tabletops