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We deliver a full service style catered breakfast meal with the convenience of a quick service restaurant. We make ordering Breakfast Catering as easy and we don’t sacrifice on quality.

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We’re an online breakfast catering company that was established in the heart of Charlotte, NC in 2015.  Our company combines the convenience of a quick service restaurant with the capacity of a catering business to handle frequent large catering orders on a daily basis.  The Breakfast Catering Company focuses on Breakfast only so that we can get it right for you every time.  We’ve perfected our recipes to have that homestyle flavor and our processes to allow us to handle large order corporate catering deliveries daily.

We believe breakfast should taste good and should always be fulfilling.  We believe the process for buying a great catered breakfast for your event should be simple and convenient. We make sure to always deliver and we take pride in being a dependable Breakfast Catering business.

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Scratch prepared meals for that homemade taste.

You’re taste the difference when you choose our catering delivery services.  We only use REAL ingredients and prepare our meal from scratch with produce sourced locally.

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We believe that we’re all a part of the fight against obesity.  We’re driven to continue to create more vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy free breakfast catering options.

We focus on catering for large groups so we understand that the larger your group the more likely it is you may need a special accommodation for just a few and we understand that, so ask us what we can do for you and we have the solution.

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